Anna Paola Supino, Dr. Arch. SIA


Our Philosophy:


Preserving historical buildings and its surroundings means safeguarding their value.

A part the cultural aspect, the maintenance of historic architectural heritage is ecologically, socially and economically important for existing urban spaces as well.

Most historic building techniques are ecological by definition as they are based on natural local sources and have very low grey energy. Long-lasting classic solutions can thus also be used in new buildings.

This local relationship of the ancient buildings and its materialization represents a knowledge we like to refer to in our restorations and also when adding new parts.

To propose personalized solutions with state-of-the-art technical standards, including measure-made interiors, concepts of materials and colours, we first focus on an analysis of the given architectural situation.

Reusing and replacing existing materials with the related craft knowledge in our restoration projects, we enforce the Circular Economy since more than 20 Years.

We believe in the strength of timeless architectural traditions tailored to contemporary scenarios.

We like to sustain our clients to find beautiful solutions in a wider understanding for the wellbeing of its users in the private as in the institutional sector as well.

In our projects we have a humanistic for the restauration of ancient buildings and its surroundings, of offices and their buildings and also for health – and care solutions.




  • Architectural restoration and conservation of urban and extra-urban buildings and gardens
  • Historical and technical analysis, Feasibility studies
  • Office planning
  • Healthcare Architecture
  • Arts and Exhibitions.




Material – and Colour Concepts

Concept Design, Eco-Design and Biophilic Design

Sustainable architecture and solutions

Circular economy