Anna Paola Supino, Dr. Arch. SIA


Our architectural practice is primarily concerned with restoration and preservation of historical monuments, but not only.The humanistic approach forms the basis of our work, be it in the renovation or conservative restoration of historic buildings including their outer grounds and any extensions, but we also take a holistic approach in our interventions in contemporary architecture.

The initial point for appropriate planning is always a careful analysis of the existing situation.

This process allows for tailor-made solutions, with materials and colours that fit the site and its culture, all according to the latest standards, of course.

Working with the very same logics and building materials makes it possible to propose solutions for existing buildings that are lastingly suitable – also in regard to their static fragility.

The preservation of historical architectural heritage has not only a stylistic-aesthetic, but also an ecological, social and ultimately economic significance: it is about maintaining the value of the buildings themselves and of the existing urban spaces as well.

As far as possible, we seek timeless architectural solutions with a self-evident appearance that integrates itself into both historical and contemporary environments easily, while at the same time strengthening its identity.






  • Historical and technical analyses
  • Feasibility studies
  • Restoration and conservation of buildings and gardens
  • Conversions and extensions
  • Office planning
  • Art on buildings and exhibitions





  • Material and colour concepts for the well-being of users, both in the living area and in the office and health sector
  • Natural and ecological materials, design combined with state-of-the-art technology
  • Sustainability and alternative energies
  • Upcycling